Reward Mint provide Social Media App, Online Game, Content Websites and B2C/C2C E-Commerce platforms with the most comprehensive ways to monetize their online traffic, through Reward Mint’s proprietary technology and market-leading collection of online marketing campaigns.

Reward Mint gives Publishers an start-of-the-art platform to manage their inventory and montize:

- RM Virtual Currency Offer Wall Reward Mint Virtual Currency Offer Wall allows a Publisher to drive their users to participate in Reward Mint’s CPA offers to get virtual currency reward for the Publisher’s games, products and services.
- RM Content Unlocker Reward Mint provides a simple-to-use Content Unlocker that allows a Publisher with vast online contents to drive their users to participate in Advertiser’s campaigns to get access to Publisher’s contents.

Reward Mint is working directly with hundreds of advertisers and is thus able to provide arguably the largest collection of CPA offers that allow such Virtual Currency and Content Unlocking traffic in all continents. Publishers can get access to such CPA offers instantly by signing up with Reward Mint and implement one or both of Reward Mint’s solutions.